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For over three decades, I've been mentoring investment advisors, helping them grow through challenges and creating  opportunities that deliver RESULTS.

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Unlock Your Individual or Team's Full Potential with Customized DISC Team Coaching


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Empower and Boost Your Team's Performance to Enhance and Drive Results

NextGen Advisor Coaching

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Debbie Chandler

I'm Debbie Chandler, an independent certified coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. My business is all about helping individuals and companies grow by providing effective communication skills and structure.

I can provide you with the tools to equip your team for success, to meet their goals.  We will incorporate your company's mission, and vision into the training process.

If you have an existing training schedule and need help implementing these techniques, let's get started.
If you're looking for something more customized, let's develop a complete program to meet your corporate goals.

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Debbie Chandler 

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How do you build a

Strong Team?


Does This Sound Like You?

It's a question that many companies ask themselves. The answer is simple, yet difficult: you must provide effective team communication and structure, have a clearly defined rally cry, and equip your team with the proper attitudes and tools to be successful.  I can arm your team with just that.

  • Do you feel like... I have tried everything but things are still a mess?
  • Does it seem like... I don't have the resources to breach this bottleneck?
  • Are you frustrated that... that proper staffing seems impossible?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you... feel like all your team needs is the the tools and resources to get back on track?


Proven Outcomes


Debbie has a keen eye for identifying both strengths and gaps for anyone in there professional pursuits.  What really impresses me is her ability to couple that experience and knowledge with a strong innate ability to connect on a personal level.

Jim Komoszewski, MN 


I've known Debbie for more than 20 yrs and had the pleasure of working with her.  She has an amazing ability to relate to anyone, on their individual level.  Her talent for problem solving is unique and you would benefit tremendously by working with her. 

Charlotte Sewell, GA 


Debbie has served over 30 successful years in the Financial Services Industry working with Clients and Advisors.  She is a Wealth of Knowledge.  She will meet you where you are, dig into your strengths and opportunities to develop your path of success. 

Rebecca Blackwell, TX


All of my Services

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Women Wealth & Wellbeing

Wisdom & Wellbeing

My coaching assist women in reaching their goals by working together, to create a strategic, powerful plan to gain clarity through interaction and accountability. Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​Empowerment - ​The workshop will empower you with knowledge and proven action-steps to build a foundation for wealth.
  • Stress Reduction - Money is the #1 source of stress worldwide for both men and women.
  • Achieve Wealth and Wellbeing -The ultimate goal of the workshop is to help women experience well-being through wealth.
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Speaking, Workshops, and Seminars

Leadership Seminars

Debbie will help your team communicate effectively and work together, increasing productivity because of the positive influence each member has on the group. Inside, we'll show you:

  • ​Develop Leaders, help your team members develop their leadership skills, which can lead to increased productivity and better decision-making.
  • Increase Productivity, create a cohesive team that will positively influence each other, leading to increased productivity.
  • ​Organizational Clarityprovide team structure and communication, ensuring that all team members are on the same page and working towards a common goal.
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Coaching Investment Advisors

NextGen Investor Coaching

A comprehensive approach to improving your business strategy, marketing skills, and team development. By working with a coach, investment advisors can maximize their time and profitability, attract new clients, and create a culture of excellence within their team, while growing their AUM.

  • Maximizing Time and Profitability: By working with a coach, investment advisors can identify areas of their business where they can improve efficiencies and maximize profitability.
  • Communication: Investment advisors will improve their communication skills to better understand their clients needs.
  • ​Developing Your Team: Investment advisors will learn how to use a SWOT analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of their team.

Debbie Chandler

Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

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